Alpesh Kumar B Patel
Alpesh Patel, Principal


  • "Gets to the heart of the matter of trading by clearly elucidating the methodologies of successful trading strategies while capturing the ineffable ethos of singular, successful traders." Pat Arbor, Chairman of the Chicago Board of Trade (1998) (the World’s largest derivatives exchange)
  • "The Online Trading CourseBook is the best guide of its kind to personal investing and will satisfy both the beginner and the professional". Nathan Moss, Chief Operating Officer, Merrill Lynch HSBC
  • "Online trading is a battlefield, and Alpesh Patel has the battle scars to prove it. Let this veteran trading warrior show you how to survive and thrive with his latest Internet guide." Thom Calandra, Editor-in-chief, CBS MarketWatch
  • "The markets have an enormous impact on our lives. "The Online Trading Coursebook" gives you an insight into making them work for you." Bharat Masrani, Vice Chairman, TD Waterhouse Group
  • "Insights into online trading from one of the leading authorities in the field."Craig Walling, Chief Executive, Charles Schwab Europe
  • "As a trader and a financial journalist himself, Alpesh Patel is uniquely qualified to give a behind-the-scene view of financial markets, and their interaction with the media. This book gives a very intelligent view of the art of investing, and debunks a lot of myths. I recommend it to anyone who is serious about investing." Bernard Oppetit, Founder, Centaurus Capital (a $2billion hedge fund)


  • ''Alpesh’s proven track record speaks for itself. Learning from him will help ordinary people achieve results that match market professionals” Clive Cooke, CEO, City Index (part of ICAP)
  • 'Investing Unplugged does a masterful job of blending the theoretical and the practical. Its an insight with many implications and it offers a set of useful tools to make better decisions and thereby create wealth.' Sonjoy Chatterjee, CEO ICICI Bank UK Limited
  • "Patel does it again - condenses and simplifies the world of investing into an easy-to-understand indispensable handbook." James Bateman, Head of Marketing, ODL Securities
  • “With the media playing an increasingly important role in investment decision-making, find out how one of the UK’s best known traders and broadcasters uses the wealth of information out there.” Michael Foulkes, President and Chief Executive, TD Waterhouse Europe
  • ''Another excellent publication from Patel. His insight to the markets and trading are a must read for traders of all levels including beginners, there is something for everyone. '' Peter Cruddas, Chairman CMC Group Plc (Global Forex and Trading Specialists)
The Prime Minister Launching the UK India Business Angel Network in 2008 which is Co-Chaired by Alpesh
As India Dealmaker for the British Govt, Alpesh's role is to hunt for innovative young high growth Indian tech companies and help them establish in the UK including assisting in raising finance.
The Prime Minister Launching the UK India Business Angel Network in 2008 which is Co-Chaired by Alpesh
Alpesh was a founding Board member of TiE UK in 2000. It is part of 44 Chapters globally and is one of the world's largest not-for-profit organisations for entrepreneurs.
From 2000-5 Alpesh was a member of the UK India Roundtable; appointed by the Foreign Secretary.
Alpesh regularly appears in UK Govt publications
Alpesh is on the Board of the UN Association of the UK (UNA-UK)which is the UK's leading independent policy authority on the UN
Alpesh is a Trustee and Council Board Member of The Royal Institute of International Affairs (Chatham House) is the leading Foreign Policy Think Tank in the world.

Selected Speeches


Professional Experience/ Board Level Appointments


  • Praefinium Partners(formerly Agile Partners Asset Management,) Founder Director, (Hedge Fund) (2004-). FSA Regulated Asset Manager
    • Investment Manager for UK, US, investment strategies
    • PraefAsia, Principal: India Investment Product
  • Epiphany Ventures, India based early stage VC fund Board of Advisors (2009-)
  • ICICI Bank, Private Bank's Investment Advisory Committee, (India's largest bank) (2005-7)
    • Advising on global economy and best structured products & funds for global high net worth market
    • Evaluating best of breed global funds for funding and distribution by bank
  • Aranca,  Non-exec Chairman  since inception,  (Independent Financial Research) (2003-)
    • Employing over 150 research analysts serving investments banks, VCs and hedge funds in Europe and US


  • Co-Chairman, UK-India Business Angel Network, launched by the PM (2008-)to bring Indian scientific innovation to the UK
  • UK Trade & Industry,  International Dealmaker for India (2005-)
    • Sourcing VC deals from India exceeded govt targets annually as sole India Dealmaker
    • Hunting for innovative early-stage technologies from leading entrepreneurs and scientists
    • Capital raising globally through banks and VCs for entrepreneurs
  • UK India Business Council Director & Board Member, (UK-India Govt Body to promote bilateral trade)(2004-)
    • Advice on strategy for bilateral trade growth
  • UK-India Roundtable, Board Member
    • Appointment by UK Prime Minister to promote closer bilateral ties (2000-5). Providing policy initiatives to Prime Minister's Office and Foreign & Commonwealth Office


  • AllTrue Investments Plc, Director, (Traditional broker, corporate financier and UK largest private investor expo and training company) (2005-7)
  • The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE), Board Member, (A global organisation mentoring entrepreneurs) (2000-)
  • Governor University of Luton, (and on Strategic Planning and Finance Committee advising on suitable investments) (2004-)
  • Chatham House, Trustee, (and Member of Investment Committee advising on suitable investments) (2004-)
  • University of Reading,  Board of Advisors, (Centre for Entrepreneurship) (2002-4)
  • Trapezia Venture Capital Fund, Advisory Panel, (2004-2006)
  • Other
  • FSA Approved Person For Controlled Function 1 (CEO)
  • Executive Committee, Oxford Business School Venture Fund (2004)


Consulting/Advising CEOs & Senior Executives on Business Development/F

  • Advisor to Lodevans Art Fund (2006) advising on fund structure and strategy for growth
  • Tehelka Advisory Board for Art Auction for 'Charity Art for Freedom' collection of rare contemporary Indian masters and India conference. Advice on sponsor (2007)
  • Channel 4: Senior Commissioning Producers, presentation on Indian developments and opportunities (2006)
  • BBC:  Business News & Senior Executives, presentation on new global TV ideas to heads of BBC1, BBC Current Affairs, (2005)
  • Barclays: Hired by CEO of Barclays Bank Brokerage to communicate to 600,000 private investor clients on best value UK, Chinese and Indian companies (2004)
  • Bloomberg: Advisor to Global Head of Bloomberg TV on strategic partner, competitor analysis and distribution alternatives for Indian market (2001)
  • LIFFE: Advisor to world's second largest derivatives exchange on market penetration and competitive strategy on Stock Futures (2000-3)
  • Merrill Lynch HSBC: Consultant hired by CEO, providing weekly comment to their investor client base on best value companies (2000-2)
  • American Express: Hired by CEO of American Express Brokerage to advise investors on UK businesses to invest in (2001)
  • E*Trade: Advisor to CEO of international division of the US's second largest stockbroker on entry to UK seeking  business model strategy review, customer segment analysis, service functionality review and improvement plan, marketing strategy advice (1999)
Publications/Speeches on Fund Management & Entrepreneurship
  • Smart Investor Conference, Hong Kong, Keynote (2007)
  • Smart Investor Conference, Singapore, Keynote (2007)
  • KPMG, on UK India Potential to UK Indian VIP Community as keynote speaker (2007)
  • On UK-India Potential with Stephen Timms MP at Houses of Parliament (2007)
  • American-European Investment Bankers Association Real Estate Conference, Keynote: Mumbai, 2006
  • Houses of Parliament, Finance Business Insurance Magazine launch (2006)
  • Houses of Parliament, talk to All Party Small Business Group (2006)
  • Oxford Business School: Chairman on session on entrepreneurship & 'UK-India Opportunities' (2006)
  • JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs: 'On Business Success' to Investment Bankers in London (2006)
  • Ismaili Group: 'On Business Success' London (2006)
  • PwC: 'Market Outlook and Asian Business Speech to Birmingham Businessmen (2005)
  • Glasgow Chamber of Commerce: 'Women and Business' Speech (2005)
  • Marsh & McLennan: World's largest insurance company ' speech on global investments (2004)
  • Asians In Media Inaugural Speech (2004)
  • London Business School:  'Starting in business' -Senior Executives Programme  (2003)
  • University of International Business, Beijing: You didn't know the UK leads Europe in IT?' speech (2001)
  • Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation: (A think tank supported by leading City institutions and the Bank of England). Speech about improving investment bank trader selection. (1999)
Media Coverage on Fund Management, Entrepreneurship

  • Columnist, Financial Times (1999-04) on investing. 'Diary of an Internet Trader' 
  • Investment Columnist, MSN (2006-)
  • Contributor on CNN, Sky Business News, CNBC (UK & US), Channel 4, BBC and US radio shows on investments, the markets and global business.
  • Interviewer on Bloomberg Television 'CEO in the HotSeat' and contributor 'Money Makers' - cross-examining CEOs of listed companies on their company performances (2002-3)
  • Best performing stock selector among all covered on Bloomberg Television (2002).
  • Best performer ' Financial Times predicting the FTSE competition (2004)
  • Weekly guest column for Merrill Lynch HSBC on best companies to invest in (2000-2)

Business Awards Judge:
  • India Business Awards by the British High Commission (2007)
  • European Technology VC Tour of India Judging Business plans (2006)
  • European Awards for the Spirit of Enterprise, Member of National Selection Committee, supported by the EU
  • Proshare Investment Clubs Awards judging panel member, sponsored by London Stock Exchange
  • Investment Week Magazine Financial Services Awards judging panel member
Governmental/Speaker on International Trade Growth

  • Mayor of London: Chairman and speaker on International Business in London (2005)
  • UK Dept of Trade & Industry: Consultation Presentation on Govt White Paper on Globalisation,Trade and Investment (2004)
  • British Indian Association, Keynote inaugural speaker (2004)
  • Chinese Ministry of Foreign Trade:  UK representative in Beijing at Asia-Europe New Economy and Trade Co-operation Symposium to chair sessions and speak on strategies to improve EU-ASEAN-China trade (2001)
  • UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Malaysian Foreign Office:  UK representative at the Asia-Europe Young Leaders Symposium to recommend strategies for closer EU-Asia ties. (2001)
  • Indian High Commission 'The UK IT advantage and dangers of Indian IT complacency' speech at the,    London (2001)
  • US Congress: Intern for the Hon. Eliot Engel in Washington DC including speechwriting (1994)
University of Oxford, Corpus Christi College
Oxford, United Kingdom
2001 - 2002
Visiting Fellow In Business & Industry
As a Visiting Fellow, elected by the Fellows of Corpus, I studied issues surrounding where economics meets psychology. My studies were fuelled by my research whilst writing The Mind of a Trader and my columns in the Financial Times newspaper.
University of Oxford, St Anne's College
Oxford, United Kingdom
1993 - 1995
Joint Honours School in Philosophy, Politics, Economics
Awarded US Congressional Internship as Intern to Congressman Eliot Engel (D-NY)
Boston University
Washington DC, USA
Aug 1994 - Dec 1994
Visiting Fellow In Business & Industry
Enrolled at Boston University as part of Oxford University degree and student exchange programme as Congressional Intern.
Inns of Court, School of Law
London, United Kingdom
1992 - 1993
Bar Vocational Course qualifying as a barrister. Specialist subjects: Company Law, Commerical Law
University of London, King's College
London, United Kingdom
1989 - 1992
Specialising in Company Law, Constitutional Law, Commercial Law, Tax Law

Investment Manager

(Financial Services Authority)

Compliance Officer

(Financial Services Authority)


(Bar of England and Wales)
1993 - Has no expiration

Charity Auctioneer

3-4 Years Experience, (Last Used <1 year ago)
Voluntary: charity fund raising International Relations, Entrepreneurs

  • United Nations Association Member
  • Fellow, Royal Society of Arts
  • Consultant Editor, Financial Voice (2005-)
  • Co-Chairman with Lord Bilimoria, Board of Advisors, Loomba Trust(2008-)
  • Trustee, UnLtd (India) funding social entrepreneurship in India
  • Trustee GEN (India) supporting healthcare in remote villages around Delhi (2008)
  • Board of Advisors, Centre for Entrepreneurship, University of Reading appointed by the Vice Chancellor (2002-4)
  • Bar Association of Commerce, Finance and Industry
  • Member of the Board, The Indus Entrepreneurs, (A global organisation of businesspeople)
  • Trustee, Royal Institute of International Affairs
  • Charity Auctioneer raising funds for Indian Schools and Save the Children
  • Charity After-Dinner Speaker
  • Short-listed: Proshare Investment Personality of the Year
  • Nominee: Media Award 2002, Guild of British Asians
  • Winner: Asian Achievers Awards 2002 (Media Award)
  • Nominee, Guild of British Asians Media Award, 2002
  • Trading Online voted top 10 business books of 1999 by Amazon UK, Independent Newspaper and
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Jan 12: BBC Radio 4: Today Programme with John Humphreys (Banker's bonuses)

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Jan 12: BBC Radio 5: Wake up to money

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Sky News Interviews

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CNBC Appearances

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Media Appearances

  • Co-Host, CNBC (2007-)
    Host, Bloomberg TV 2000-2003
  • Host, Sky TV (Newsbytes) 2002-2003
  • Latest Speeches

    Jul 2009: BBC World Tonight with Will Hutton on 'Capitalism'


    Jun 2009: University of Oxford on 'Entrepreneurship and the Greatest Generation of Indians'


    Jun 2009: BBC World. Debate with former Mayor Ken Livingstone on whether 'greed is good'

    FT Newspaper
    • Between 1999 and 2004 Alpesh wrote the Diary of an Internet Trader column and had over 250 columns published in the paper
    • Translated for FT Deutschland
    • Published in FT USA
    • Read some of them here
    Alpesh's Books
    • Author of 11 eleven books on investing, markets, entrepreneurship
    • Translated into German, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Russian, Polish, Thai, Korean
    • Published by Financial Times and Macmillan
    • Here to read more
    Alpesh on India

    Alpesh's India speeches for the above organisations have covered Indian economic history, economic and political future and current economic climate.

    Alpesh on India

    Alpesh's speeches for the above organisations cover the best stocks, sectors, regions to invest in globally based on value, growth, momentum.

    Alpesh has spoken in Hong Kong, India, China, Singapore, Guatemala, Spain, Hungary.


    Alpesh Patel Investment Software
    • Developed by Ionic Software and Alpesh in 2005
    • Ionic are the largest retailer of private investor software in the UK
    • This PDF explains more
    Alpesh Patel Special Edition: Sharescope

    Asia Europe Foundation

    Asia Europe Foundation

    Asef Young Leaders

    Asef Young Leaders


    • The Asia-Europe Young Leaders Symposium (AEYLS) is a forum where active young leaders on the front line in various fields from Asia and Europe discuss freely and openly ways to build a new Asia-Europe cooperation for the 21st century.
    • This symposium was proposed by the former Prime Minister of Japan, as a measure to support the ASEM, whose objective is to strengthen the ties between Asia and Europe. 
    • This program is also called "Mini-Davos Meeting" as it is modeled on the well-known "Davos Meeting," which is an annual meeting held by the World Economic Forum in Switzerland to bring together prominent leaders in every field from around the world.
    • Alpesh was invited to the AEYLS V hosted by the Malaysia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Asia-Europe Foundation, Asia-Europe Institute in 2001, Kuala Lumpur. 


    Oxford Business Alumni

    Oxford Business Alumni

    Fellow of Royal Society of Arts

    Royal Society of Arts

    Boston University Alumnus

    Boston University Alumnus

    Bar of England & Wales

    Bar of England & Wales

    The H'nble Soc of Lincoln's Inn

    The H'nble Soc of Lincoln's Inn

    Visiting Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford U

    Visiting Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford U

    St Anne's College, Oxford

    St Anne's College, Oxford