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Use Alpesh's own Pips Predator Indicator he uses to profit from the market
and his exclusive trading mentoring/apprentice programme - go at your own pace,
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    Get Clear Buy and Sell Signals

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    All Major Currency Pairs charts

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    Works on all time frames from 5 min to 1 day

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    Support Directly with Alpesh to get your questions answered (£5,000 value).

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    No ongoing costs or future charges

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    12 week mentoring course (£2,500 value)

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    Cuts Losses and Increases Profits

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    30 Day Money Back Guarantee

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    10 minute installation guarantee - if it takes you longer to install, just message us and we will do it over the phone for you

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    Lifetime trading club and mentoring membership - we succeed only when you succeed

Only $997

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You'll Receive 5 Exclusive Bonuses If You Download Pips Predator Today!

Total Value: $5,000+

Bonus #1 The 12 Week Online Trading Course.

This is the same training I give my interns and employees in my hedge fund. You will get it for FREE if you sign up today in this webinar special!

In this training you will learn everything in bite size modules on how to trade for a living or around a day job with extremely easy to follow videos by me. And in now time you will be an online trader.

Bonus #2 The 30 Day Online Trading Course:

This training is £1,997 normally. You can have full access for just signing up. For beginners and advanced traders alike you will see what professionals do, step by easy step in 10 structured modules.

Bonus #3 Copies of my two most recent international best-selling trading books launched at Barclays Bank. Yours to keep forever. Even if you are not happy in the money-back period

Bonus #4 A special traders USB - jam packed with trading infograms, ebooks, slides, mindmaps. It's my success on a stick! Yours to keep forever too, just for signing up.

Bonus #5 My Traders Community with all Pips Predator Users! You're NOT ALONE. As well as direct, personal access to me, I also run our apprentice community to help and support you.

Extra Bonus: 6 Webinars each Saturday on Stops, Profits, Trading Psychology, Adding to Winning Positions, Money and Risk Management. (Don't worry they are recorded too so you won't miss a thing).

This Is Everything You'll Get with Your Pips Predator Indicator Today!

  • The Indicator Software
  • The Books
  • The 30 Day Trading Online Course for Fund Managers (£1,997 value)
  • The 12 Week Course for Pips Predator Indicator Users (£2,500 value)
  • The Traders USB with Trading Success Tips
  • Pips Predator Members Community (Priceless...)
  • Pips Predator Mentoring Website (Priceless...)
  • Lifetime Mentoring and Access to Alpesh personally (Priceless...)

Total Value: £4,000+

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Do I have to pay for updates?

No! All upgrades are free for life. Because we have algo quant developers, as soon as we get changes, so do you!

How long is the contract?

You only pay a one-off fee. We don't want to keep charging and chasing you. In the future, for subscribers we will be charging an annual fee, but you will never ever have to pay that for signing up now/.

What is your long term plan?

Our hedge fund has invested in this technology to use in-house, then we realised that tech companies are billion dollar businesses in their own right, so that is our ambition - to be the 'Google of Trading'

If I need help to install, can I speak to someone?

We have a 24/7 live reception help desk, but also our technician customer service team can install everything remotely for you. And of course apprentices have access to me personally.

Where do you get the time to mentor?

We realised something very early on. If people are profitable, they don't need mentoring. If people have access to great software and instructions they don't take up much time. Plus I love mentoring. I don't take on apprentices if I have more than 3 emails a day.

How much can I make?

All depends on how much capital you have and how many signals you follow. Remember the markets are not risk free. Capital is at risk, and your chosen broker will tell you all of that too.

Can I use it on Mac?

Yes, I do!

Is there a manual?

Yes and videos and me and my team.

Why do you limit it to 25 at a time?

So I can mentor and hand hold them and maintain quality standards of training.

Are there any other costs?

None. No monthly or any other costs ever. No upsells, nothing. We want you to be profitable because word of mouth is the best advertisement for us to become the Google of Trading.

How do I know what to trade? Time frames, and how much risk?

With the indicator I have a very simple guide which teaches you all of that. It's simple, clear and short.

How are the students performing?

As you will have seen some do incredibly well. It all depends on their ability to learn new skills, the speed at which they learn and their desire.

I'm just a beginner, is this for me?

We are very focused on ensuring risk is managed so people only start in demo mode to learn and only when consistently profitable start live. Indeed no reputable broker will even open an account unless you fulfil those criteria. Our job is to get you into the 10% of online traders who are profitable.

Can I have a receipt/Invoice?

Of course, we are a VAT registered UK company.

I work full-time, is this really something I can do?

Of course, what I love about my indicator is it works on markets which are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. So even if you come home from work at 3am, the markets are open.

Does it have alerts?

Yes, to phone and email. But I prefer you just look at the markets 15-30 minutes a day or an hour a week and place a good trade each day then leave it. Alerts lead to over-trading and bad decisions - the indicator is meant to remove all that.

Clive Cooke
CEO CityIndex

"Alpesh's proven track record speaks for itself. Learning from him will help ordinary people match the results of market professionals."

Dan Maczulski
IG Index

"Genuinely attempts and succeeds in giving the tools to convert a private investor to a professional investor for today's 'Holy Grail' obsessed market."

John Watson
CNBC Arabia

"The lid of the traders’ black box has finally been well and truly removed."

Sapna Kandakuri
Wealth Management,
Coutts Bank

"An essential companion for the online trader."

Hans Georgeson
Director Barclays Stockbrokers

"Alpesh clearly brings to life the difference between what analysts and the media 'spin' and what you should trust."

Craig Walling
CEO Charles Schwab Europe

"Insights into online trading from one of the leading authorities in the field."

Only $997

plus VAT (if applicable)



Profits You Could Make:

$ /mo

Based on estimating the number of winning trades to 7/10 using the indicator and proficiency.

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