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What is holding you back from being a highly profitable trader? For most people, the problem is that there is too much junk on the internet and it is tough to filter out the winning techniques from the scams. Alpesh Patel, the award-winning hedge fund manager who developed the profitable Pips Predator Indicator, is inviting a limited number of traders to learn directly from him how to make the most out of any market. Patel is a certified Forex trader and mentor. He has developed an exclusive trade signals software and trading mentoring/apprenticeship program that lets you learn at your own pace through a carefully developed, proprietary library of educational materials. These include videos you can stream on demand, live webinars, downloads, and personal one-to-one contact with Mr. Patel.


ONLY 997

Aprox USD 1300 or EUR 1130

997(one-off payment) (Soon 2,000 annually)

Plus VAT(if applicable)


Invite Only Access - Only 25 Licenses Available [ available Spots ]

Because of the sensitivity of the information in this program and the amount of personal access each member will get to Mr. Patel, the program is strictly limited to only 25 people at any one time. While there are currently a few openings left, they are expected to fill quickly. Register today to secure your spot before the program reaches capacity and enrollment ends.


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Learn when to buy, when to sell, and how much to risk


Includes strategies for all major currency pairs


Learn at your own pace.

Give just 5-minutes a day or go through everything in a single day


Get answers

to your questions directly from Mr. Patel (€5,000 value)



or hidden fees


You also get a 12-week trader training course & 30-day hedge fund manager training course

(€12,000 value)


Cut your losses and increase your profits


30-day money back guarantee


10-minute installation guarantee


Free upgrades and updates for life


Special invitations to members only events


Weekly market updates directly from Alpesh Patel


Perfect for beginning, intermediate, and advanced traders


Works with your day job for day traders


Get the exclusive “Insider Trading Insights Guide”

Meet Alpesh B Patel

Alpesh Patel is a trusted, regular contributor to outlets such as:


In the Last Year Alone, Patel’s Pips Predator Has Helped Over 500 Apprentices Capture 9-million+ Pips* (Based on sample size and actual monitored trades)

Have a World-Class Trading Legend as Your Mentor

Alpesh Patel is known all over the world for his keen, profitable trading strategies. He has published over 200 columns in the Financial Times.


Trusted by Banks

Patel is trusted by some of the biggest banks in the world to provide valuable trading insight. You can now have access to that same insight at a fraction of the cost Patel charges big-name clients.


World Class Forex Trading Expert

The signals and software you get access to in this program is built on the world-class strategies of the world’s leading traders. Alpesh Patel has known and worked with these traders for years as detailed in his powerful autobiography, The Mind of a Trader.


Online Education

Our online courses allow you to work as quickly or as slowly as you want.
It is perfect for beginning traders who need to take baby steps and for advanced traders who just want a quick review or some fine tuning for their strategies.
All of our online resources have been created by trading legend Alpesh Patel.

Gain Access to a Powerful and Effective Online Indicators
and Educational Course That Will Give You a Competitive Edge in the Market.

Join '000s of students globally, who have already benefitted from the opportunity to:


Earn a certificate from a top-tier hedge fund manager to prove your competences and acquired skillset to trade on the FX market and set yourself apart from the competition.


Enjoy a personalised online learning experience that consistently achieves a 90%+ success rate.


Gain verifiable and relevant competencies through a career-focused curriculum and practical trading indicator that achieves specific learning outcomes and skills gains.

Receive 6 Exclusive Bonuses Worth More Than €5,000
when You Sign Up for Pips Predator Today!

Total Value: €5,000+


Bonus #1 12-Week Online Trading Course.

Alpesh Patel has developed a comprehensive training program for his interns and hedge fund employees.

You can also get access to this exclusive program for FREE when you sign up for Pips Predator.


Bonus #2 30-Day Online Trading Course.

This course has been valued at €1,997, but you can access it for FREE just by joining Pips Predator. You get 10 easy to follow structured modules that teach you everything you need to know about trading.


Bonus #3 Two International Best-Selling Books.

You get copies of two of Patel’s best-selling trading books launched at Barclays Bank. They are yours to keep, no matter what.


Bonus #4 Special Traders USB Thumb-Drive.

You get a thumb-drive loaded with trading infographics, ebooks, slides, mind maps, and much more.


Bonus #5 Access to the Traders Community with All Pips Predator Users.

You get direct access to a growing network of users. You can get support from other traders and from Alpesh Patel directly.


Extra Bonus #6 Weekly Live Webinars.

Every Saturday you get a live webinar on topics like Stops, Profits, Trading Psychology, Adding to Winning Positions, Money and Risk Management, and Much More. The webinars are also recorded and available for later viewing.

Testimonials for Alpesh's Work

Who We've Worked With

Get The Tools & Trading Indicator You Need To Start Making
Consistent, Bankable PROFITS Today!

  • The Indicator Software
  • The Books
  • The 30 Day Trading Online Course for Fund Managers (£1,997 value)
  • The 12 Week Course for Pips Predator Indicator Users (£2,500 value)
  • The Traders USB with Trading Success Tips
  • Pips Predator Members Community (Priceless...)
  • Pips Predator Mentoring Website (Priceless...)
  • Lifetime Mentoring and Access to Alpesh personally (Priceless...)

Total Value: £4,000+



Please complete registration within 10:00 minutes.
After 10:00 minutes, the reservation we are holding will be released.

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"In this world of false gurus and prophets you are one of the good guys!" - Mike Vybihal

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"Those Who Found The Gold Were The Ones Who Didn't Quit!"
(A.K.A. The Trader Who Tried It And Then Quit...)

Or, dig his foot in the sand and FIND THE GOLD.

Yes, you’ve had hurdles and stuff get in the way. That’s no different than the prospector digging and coming up empty. But, the important thing is that you DON’T give up.
. Once you find your gold, no matter how long it takes, everything is worth it. Unless you’re ready to quit and head back home, started right now with your Pips Predator 30-day trial for RISK-FREE, and find your gold once and for all..

Looking forward to my financial freedom via PP-enabled trading and in so doing, to helping you, Alpesh, achieve your goal of successfully launching ‘the Google of Trading’. - Roy Allen

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So, What's The Catch...?
There is NO catch. We're going to let you test drive Pips Predator today Risk Free because we know that after you start using it, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them!
Is There A Guarantee?
Of course. :) I guarantee that you'll LOVE Pips Predator, and if for some reason you decide later that you don't want to be a members anymore, then we'll happily cancel your account without any penalties or fees within 30 days. We don't believe in any long term contracts so you can come and go as you please in 30 days.
Here's What To Do Next:
From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below, and we can finally get started!     Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch the training video and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Alpesh Patel
Hedge Fund Manager, CEO Praefinium, founder Pips Predator
P.S. - Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot

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30 Day Trial


No! All upgrades are free for life. Because we have algo quant developers, as soon as we get changes, so do you!
You only pay a one-off fee. We don't want to keep charging and chasing you. In the future, for subscribers we will be charging an annual fee, but you will never ever have to pay that for signing up now.
Our hedge fund has invested in this technology to use in-house, then we realised that tech companies are billion dollar businesses in their own right, so that is our ambition - to be the 'Google of Trading'
We have a 24/7 live reception help desk, but also our technician customer service team can install everything remotely for you. And of course apprentices have access to me personally.
We realised something very early on. If people are profitable, they don't need mentoring. If people have access to great software and instructions they don't take up much time. Plus I love mentoring. I don't take on apprentices if I have more than 3 emails a day.
All depends on how much capital you have and how many signals you follow. Remember the markets are not risk free. Capital is at risk, and your chosen broker will tell you all of that too.
Yes and videos and me and my team.
So I can mentor and hand hold them and maintain quality standards of training.
None. No monthly or any other costs ever. No upsells, nothing. We want you to be profitable because word of mouth is the best advertisement for us to become the Google of Trading.
With the indicator I have a very simple guide which teaches you all of that. It's simple, clear and short.
As you will have seen some do incredibly well. It all depends on their ability to learn new skills, the speed at which they learn and their desire.
We are very focused on ensuring risk is managed so people only start in demo mode to learn and only when consistently profitable start live. Indeed no reputable broker will even open an account unless you fulfil those criteria. Our job is to get you into the 10% of online traders who are profitable.
Of course, we are a VAT registered UK company.
Of course, what I love about my indicator is it works on markets which are open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. So even if you come home from work at 3am, the markets are open.
Yes, to phone and email. But I prefer you just look at the markets 15-30 minutes a day or an hour a week and place a good trade each day then leave it. Alerts lead to over-trading and bad decisions - the indicator is meant to remove all that.

Artificial Intelligence





Profits You Could Make:

$ /mo

Based on estimating the number of winning trades to 7/10 using the indicator and proficiency.

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Live Free Real-Time Prices

Forex, Stocks, Indices


Simple, Clear Direction

We scan, monitor every major trading instrument,every time-frame, and
can even send the alerts toyour phone by push, or sms, or to you by email.


Innovative Design

Get an instant, simple, easy-to-understand view of the movements - and their strength, so it is actionable and profitable.



Not just because we upgrade for free for life, but because we are quant- scientists and hedge fund managers. The best in the world at what we do.



Familiar images make trading intuitive. All the 'super-computing' happens remotely to deliver you the simplicity of trading on a screen


Business & Personal Planning.

Step-by-Step Guidance from Alpesh Patel as your mentor, 1-2-1, so can have a plan for a side income or leave your day-job. Whether it is targetting £500 or $500 a month to top up a pension, or pay down credit cards or rent, mortgage or children's education cost, the plan is safety first, and a slow, steady planned approach to set and then achieve your goals.
Built by Traders - actually the best in the world
So you get on track fast, and learn from the best only.


Billionaire Maker

Our founder's goal is simple. To float this company on the stock market as the 'Google of Trading' for a Billion Dollar valuation. It is one of his hedge fund investments.


Instant Download

Download and install in 10 minutes. Access fully everything including any and all training you could ever need immediately.


For Everyone

Whether you are a private investor or a major bank -
this is built for you.


Happiness Guaranteed

Simple, intuitive, 30-day money back, risk-free no quibble guarantee - nothing will stand in the way of your success, except you.


Something for Everyone

We know private investors love trading different products around the world. You have complete flexibility. We built everything around your needs.


Apprenticeships for Life

You will be Alpesh Patel's personal apprentice for life.
He will be your mentor to ensure success.


Dedicated 24/7 Online and Human Support

As well as our 24/7 human receptionists who can direct your query to Alpesh Patel for response, you also have 24/7 online resource access to a private member trader community, and private member mentoring website too.


Daily, Weekly, Monthly Emails and Newsletters

If you wish, you can also see daily everything Alpesh reads that morning. Each week see what trades he is placing and each month get his monthly market newsletter too. All included for you. Get the best insights from the biggest banks, like Goldman Sachs and what they are telling their top wealthiest clients - direct from Alpesh's hedge fund. Be an insider...at last.


Always up-to-date

With Alpesh's market trading blogs, posts, videos, articles - you will always have all the information you need too and be in constant contact with him.


Stay in Touch

Lots of ways from visiting the office, to Skype, to LinkedIn to live chat, to stay in touch with Alpesh. You will never feel alone. This is proper mentoring.


Simplicity is the Key to Success

Benefit from the simplicity of Google.


Lifetime Mentoring

For those who want it, it's all included. Imagine that. Forever. Modelled on Alpesh's alma mater, the University of Oxford where he lectures annually.


6 Simple Steps to Becoming a Profitable Trader

Profitable Trader


You learn most when everything is bespoke to you. We have questionairres so that you we can tailor what you need help with to your abilities. From stop losses, to not being a screen slave, to knowing when to enter a trade, and how to limit risk and stress. Its all in there.


Bite Size, 24/7 Access

Through our online library of course by Alpesh Patel, you have 24/7 access to turn a beginner into a fund manager, or retiree into someone with more freedom. Looking for that side business - trading is the perfect entrepreneurial venture.